Nisi S5 Behind the scene in Iceland


Since Daniel Cheong & i we represent NiSi as a global Ambassadors, we had the chance to be among the first photographers to test the new NiSi S5 holder system 150mm made for Nikon 14-24mm ultra wide angle lens.

Landscape photographers have always dreamed of seamlessly combining the use of an ultra-wide lens, circular polarizer, and filters. Have you ever owned an ultra-wide angle lens but were uncertain as to whether a filter holder system was available for it.  In 2016, NiSi released the V5 system which is currently leading the market for 100mm filter holder systems. Its design enabled the use of a built-in circular polarizer with up to 3 square filters.

Since the release of the V5 system, NiSi have received progressively more requests to make a holder system which caters for ultra-wide lenses requiring 150mm filters. Using a circular polariser and filters with these lenses has been problematic to this point but no longer!