30 days in Iceland

My longest stay in Iceland. 30 days of constant move in this beautiful country accompanying our workshop participants. 4k footages & Time-lapse generated by D850.


Namibia Expedition

An expedition to Namibia, in partnership with Zeiss camera lenses. Part of the Zeiss Infinity Tour global campaign.

Charming Amsterdam

Behind-the-scenes footage of our Amsterdam cityscape workshop - with Daniel Cheong & Albert Dros.

Capetown Workshop

Capetown cityscape workshop in partnership with Zeiss camera lenses. Part of the Zeiss Infinity Tour campaign.

Berlin Workshop

A diverse Capital, Berlin was my first stop in Europe during the Zeiss infinity global campaign. 

Prague Workshop

The City of a Hundred Spires, Prague was my second stop in Europe during the Infinity tour with Zeiss camera lenses.

Lebanon Workshop

Our first workshop in Lebanon, a unique workshop with a twist of eco tourism adventure focusing on the Lebanese landscape


Heavenly Iceland

Heavenly Iceland A clip that sums up, a stunning 10 days of hardcore photography workshops in Iceland conducted by Daniel K. Cheong.

Jordan Workshop

A very intense & short workshop under Nikon's sponsorship in Jordan, part of Nikon D810 promotion.

NiSi S5 Promotional campaign 

The new S5 system holder promotional campaign in Iceland with Daniel Cheong

Dubai Workshop

The Dubai rooftop photography workshops, a partnership with Nikon school Middle-east 

Iceland Workshop

Our yearly workshop in Iceland