Zeiss Infinity Tour - Dubai

Reaching The Skies

Dubai-Fog-Skylines-UAE-Rooftop-Towers-Dubai Photographer


Located on the northern coastline of the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai fascinates visitors with its record-breaking architecture and man-made islands. Extremes meet when you leave the city of luxurious modernity to find the more traditional Arabian Life in the magnificent deserts and mountains nearby

I moved to Dubai four years ago and I must say that, having lived in many different countries and cities, Dubai is the youngest out of all of them and it wants to remain young – even the historical or older parts of the city get a facelift.

Dubai is the city that witnessed the biggest shift in my professional life. Here’s where I said goodbye to a boring job and my passion became my profession.

Now I live in Dubai, and if asked what I shoot the most there, my answer is: the skyscrapers. Sometimes I feel that in certain areas the skyscrapers compete to see which of them will reach the sky first.

Everyone who follows my photography would know that I shoot architecture, landscapes, cityscapes and some street photography. And here I’m in a city that offers immense architectural diversity, no matter if you shoot from the ground or from the rooftop.

Dubai-Rooftop-Fog-Dubai Fog-Skylines-UAE- Dubai Photographer
Dubai Fog-Dubai-UAE-Above Clouds-Rooftop- Dubai Photographer

Accessing rooftops in Dubai is actually rather difficult. Getting a permit is the hard part, and being there at the right moment is challenging. The seasons still change up on the rooftops, and during the few months of fog all the rooftopper photographers in the city don’t get any sleep. Dubai skies don’t usually offer many clouds, so the fog season is every rooftopper's dream. Thanks to this special weather, you get the chance to take incredible photos showing how nature smoothly embraces the massive skyscrapers.

Yet Dubai rooftops also offer you the magnificent skyline and architecture of the young city. As a photographer, I document those gigantic buildings competing to reach the sky – in the city of a thousand skyscrapers.

In our rooftopping workshops, Daniel Cheong and I want to offer beginners and professionals the opportunity to experience and capture the vast landscape from Dubai’s rooftops. Somehow these moments make infinity tangible. Particular striking, as Daniel mentioned when I asked him, is the correlation of size from big to small - moving from the universe to micro worlds. It’s always a pleasure to meet him and to get inspired by his character and his attitudes.