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International Photography Workshops, Courses and Photo Tours

The story began when Daniel Cheong & I started our successful rooftop photography workshops in Dubai, then we decided to expand our business globally by conducting several successful workshops in Iceland, Germany, Lebanon, Netherland, Jordan, Namibia, South Africa, Czech Republic and many other destinations.

We teamed up with many international photographers among others Albert Dross Elia Locardi & Stefan Schäfer.

During our workshops we take you at amazing locations. We are passionate about our work and your dreams. Our aim is not only doing  photo tours but focusing on the educational part by enhancing your photography skills. We will coach you during the trip, share with you many tips & tricks and teach you different techniques.

We will help you to understand to your gear, do your preparations, scout the location, pre-visual the image, understanding composition, chase the light, dealing with filters and many other techniques aspects including post production. During our workshops we take care of all logistics including accommodations, transportations & food. Our trips are carefully planned, and the locations, which have visited prior to the workshop, have been well researched and scouted. You focus on photography & to enjoy a vacation & we will take care of all the rest. All our workshop are supported by global trusted brands in the photography industry.

International Workshops

Iceland Winter Workshop

11 Days | Nov 10th-20th, 2018

Just south of the Arctic circle lies a magical island - the land of fire and ice. Iceland is one of the most diverse countries from a geological perspective. From the north to the south, Glacier, black sand beach, ice bergs, waterfalls, magical aurora, fascinated landscape.


Dubai Workshop

3 Days | 2017 - 2018

One of the top cities for cityscape & architectural photography, an Ultimate destination to capture a stunning dynamic images. Three days  of intensive course in partnership with Nikon school Middle-east. 

Cityscape from the future

3 Days | Mar 11-13th 2018

Join Elia Locardi, Albert Dros, Dany Eid & Daniel Cheong for a unique workshop for 2 days in Dubai. 2 main rooftops access & deseert shootout including a digital blending course

Jordan Workshop

8 Days | Nov 2nd-9th, 2018

Jordan is renowned for its physical beauty, the land of contrast, from the mysterious historical Petra, to the lowest point on earth surrounded with salts, Wadi Rum the red sand desert and sprawling desolate terrain with an remarkable rock formations and many more


Prague photo tour- Prague photography workshop

Prague Workshop

4 Days | Mar 20th-Mar 24th, 2018

The City of Prague is not to be missed. It has modern and traditional architectures, fascinating cityscape with historical touch. We will to explore the city early by the morning light & before sunset and early evening.